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  • Incubadoras

    We have our own network of incubation and acceleration of projects.

In addition, we provide access to the network of Elkartegis and business parks managed by Azpiegiturak, dependent company of the Department of Economic and Territorial Development, where also already constituted businesses can locate themselves to develop their projects.

Design Kabi

Design Kabi is a coworking space for business projects in the process of definition or setting-up; analysis and feasibility study of the company. Located in Beaz, the length of stay varies between one and nine months, extendable to a further nine.

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Zitek is an initiative to promote entrepreneurial culture and the creation of innovative technology-based companies among the university community, promoted since 2000 by the UPV / EHU, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and BEAZ. 

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BBF Fintech office

BBF Fintech

BBF Fintech is a specific incubator for startups expert in new technologies and financial

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BIC Bizkaia

BIC Bizkaia

BIC Bizkaia is an incubator specialised in bio-micro-nano, advanced manufacturing, and clean technologies, promoted by the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, and managed by Beaz.

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BIC Bizkaia Ezkerraldea

BIC Bizkaia Ezkerraldea is an incubator promoted by the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, situated in Barakaldo, with the primary mission of supporting innovative business initiatives in the regions of Ezkerraldea and Meatzaldea, grouping a total of 11 municipalities.

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Personas en Deusto kabi

Deusto kabi

Incubator of technology based companies, driven by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the University of Deusto in order to support the creation of university spin-offs, where Beaz offers advice and support services to entrepreneurs.

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Through the Elkartegiak programme, managed by AZPIEGITURAK, we provide access to the network of Business Centres-Elkartegiak of all Bizkaia, prepared for startups or consolidated companies, corporations and self-employed people who require space to develop their business projects.

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