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Design Kabi

Design Kabi is a coworking space for business projects in the process of definition or setting-up; analysis and feasibility study of the company. Located in Beaz, the length of stay varies between one and nine months, extendable to a further nine.

The interaction with other entrepreneurs, who are in the same stage of the project and with initiatives from other geographical areas, together with the chance to count on the experience of the technical team at Beaz, are two of the most valued aspects of this incubator.


Design Kabi is a coworking space and the community concept has been kept in mind from conception.

It is an open space of 200m2 that can accommodate over 36 jobs at the same time; ten or twelve projects that accompany one another for some time.

The idea is that all of them are benefited by mutual experience, although there are versatile common areas that allow a more personal work, training, meetings and rest.

Design Kabi is located in Beaz (2nd floor), next to the Sabino Arana tram stop, and the San Mamés Metro Bilbao stop.


  • Wifi connection, photocopier, printer, personal meeting rooms.
  • Reception, surveillance, cleaning, dining room, vending machines.
  • Technical advice and tutoring (guidance, information and dissemination of activities).
  • Interaction and synergy creation dynamics. 

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