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Equality plan

The commitment of BEAZ, S.A.U is reinforced through the publication in the Regcon of the 1st Equality Plan for Women and Men 2022- 2025 with registry number 003804.

The document covers all the workers in the entity and establishes the guidelines to be followed for four years, specifically in: 3 axes, 9 objectives and 24 actions.

The following regulations on plans for the equality of women and men have been taken into account to develop the 1st Equality Plan:

  • Organic Law 3/2007, of 22 March, for effective equality between women and men.
  • Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, of 1 March, on urgent measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in employment and occupation.
  • Royal Decree 901/2020, of 13 October, by which equality plans and their registration are regulated, and which modifies Royal Decree 713/2010, of 28 May, on the registration and deposit of collective labour agreements.
  • Royal Decree 902/2020, of 13 October, on equal pay between women and men.

The following provincial strategic frameworks in the field of equality of women and men have also been taken into account:

  • VI Provincial Plan for the Equality of Women and Men, by Bizkaia Provincial Council.
  • Provincial Regulation on equality 4/2018, of 20 June, for Equality between Women and Men

BEAZ has an organisational culture based on the systematic organisation of work processes in which the implementation of the 1st Equality Plan will follow the same management system as the rest of the entity's lines of work.With the diagnosis and preparation of the 1st Equality Plan, BEAZ has adopted a proactive decision with respect to compliance with the legal requirements that the current regulations establish for larger entities in the field of equality between women and men. And in turn it shows its commitment so that the Plan also includes actions from the 6th Provincial Plan for the equality of women and men by Bizkaia Provincial Council., as well as the Provincial Regulation for equality by the same provincial entity.

A highlight is its structure balanced by sexes, scarce occupational segregation -this only occurs in administrative positions- and the non-existence of vertical segregation or the glass ceiling. It also has a stable framework for labour relations, known about and shared with other provincial entities, gives stability to the people management model and makes objective and systematically-structured practices possible.

Destaca su composición equilibrada por sexos, la escasa segregación ocupacional -únicamente se da en puestos administrativos- y la inexistente segregación vertical o techo de cristal. Cuenta, además, con un marco de las relaciones laborales estable, conocido y compartido con otras entidades forales, da estabilidad al modelo de gestión de personas y permite que haya prácticas objetivas y sistematizadas.

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