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Turisberri. Innovation service for tourism companies in Bizkaia

Turisberri is a new service launched from Beaz, for companies in the tourism sector, which aims to rethink their businesses and activities, encouraging them to innovate in their current value propositions.

To do this, TURISBERRI is defined from a work process that combines individual practice between the participating companies and the consultants of the service team, and joint work sessions with all the participating companies.


Phase 1, getting to know each other

The first phase of the process consists of meetings with each of the participants in the programme (1 company – 1 service consultant).

It is about approaching companies to get to know them, understand their business, their activity, their current reality, their needs, etc.

The gathering of information that this approximation exercise entails is synthesised from the Value Proposition Canvas tool, a template to define the current value proposal in relation to its clients, which makes it easier to begin detecting possible areas of opportunity for innovation. .

Phase 2, research

In this phase, the search for trends and benchmark initiatives is carried out, which will be shared with the participating companies during the first inspiration session.

To search for trends, ad hoc research will be carried out, integrating the areas of interest detected during the previous phase and analysing trends (both in tourism and in other areas that may be of interest) in the short and long term. The result of this work will be future scenarios related to the activities of the participating companies.

Phase 3, inspiration sessions

This phase consists of two consecutive sessions, in which all the companies participating in the service meet and interact with each other.

During the first one, the sample of scenarios, trends and reference initiatives from which to obtain inspiration to innovate is carried out.

The second session is intended to generate new ideas from what was seen during the earlier one.

Phase 4, innovating

The fourth phase of the process consists of individualised meetings (1 company, 1 service consultant) with each of the companies, to guide and advance the idea started during the previous phase.

In these sessions, work will be done in a personalised and creative way with each company, with the aim of boosting their motivation and generating innovative scenarios that are feasible in the short and medium term.

Phase 5, delivery

The last phase of the process consists of organising, synthesising, grouping and delivering the results obtained during the process. Scenario files of new ideas arising in the process are prepared. (1 file per company)..

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