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Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission

Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission is a service designed to attract the filming of audiovisual productions, which offers a favourable tax policy for investment, a complete map of locations, and an integral offer of technical and human resources.

Aware of the potential of a growing sector, with the capacity to generate activity and employment, the City Council and the Provincial Council signed a collaboration agreement on February 13, 2015. Several productions have requested BBFC’s collaboration since the signing of this agreement, from feature films to spots, through documentaries, video clips and television programmes. The fact of being a personalised service that acts as a single window and the deduction of 30 percent of the costs of production in the Corporation Tax approved by the Provincial Council in December 2013, have been key factors in attracting these audiovisual projects to Bilbao and Bizkaia, at a time when there are many places that compete to be recording sets.

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