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European Projects

Beaz participates in the management and coordination of several European projects in various fields related to the company, offering significant added value as partners in the development of proposals to them..

 Cohes3ion Project

Its objective is to study the governance models of different European regions to improve the impact of innovation and territorial development strategies promoted by the EU and, with it, growth and employment.

Interreg Europe Project, led by Beaz, that aims to study multi-level governance models in the different European regions to propose a strategy to improve the impact of RIS3 territorial innovation and development policies.

In addition to Bizkaia, the following European regions participate in Cohes3ion 8: Calabria, Stockholm, Wales, Ireland, Ruhr, Nord-Vest Romania, Warsaw.

For nearly three years, they shall share their territorial strategies and examine good practices case studies to finally propose a multi-level governance model to improve the effectiveness of European R&D&i programmes. They shall also issue a series of recommendations for inclusion of the territorial dimension in the FEDER projects.

Project dates: August 2019 - July 2022
Funds assigned: € 1,874,632

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 Proyecto Retrace

Retrace is a European Project in the field of circular economy, which is part of the Interreg Europe programme that promotes European territorial cooperation. The searches for connections, placing people at the centre of the project, or acting locally to develop circular economy, are some of its basic principles.

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Interreg POCTEFA Project led by ACCIÓ with participation by Beaz, that aims to analyse concealed international leading companies (INML) to define a strategy to allow internationalisation of such SMEs to be accelerated.

In addition to ACCIÓ, Agència per a la Competitivitat de l’Empresa, and Beaz, BIC Crescendo y Andorra Desenvolupament i Inversió, ACTUA is also participating in the project.

There estimated to be more than 1000 concealed champions in Europe, SMEs which are world leaders in very specific market niches and, often, driving forces of the local economy. This is a type of companies that Beaz knows well, as it drives the project DRIVE Concealed Champions in Bizkaia.

For two years, the consortium studied INML companies in Spain, Andorra and France in order to detect the variables and common patterns that have positioned them as leaders. A cross-border service shall subsequently be implemented to support both the concealed champions as well as those that may become ones.

The project has been co-financed at 65% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg V-A Spain-France-Andorra programme (POCTEFA 2014-2020).

Project dates: January 2020 – April 2022
Funds assigned: € 575,435.03

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